With tremendous outdoor and indoor facilities, our Nursery offers an excellent start to your child’s education at Cheam Park Farm Primary Academy. The Nursery outdoor area has an all-weather multi-purpose surface and lots of exciting areas for your child to learn and explore. These include a mud kitchen, bug hotel and stage area.

There are two Nursery sessions each day. The morning session starts at 8.45am and finishes at 11.45am and the afternoon session starts at 12.15pm and finishes at 3.15pm.

Each session is led by a fully qualified teacher and senior teaching assistant, giving a ratio of one adult to 13 children.

Below a summary of the Reception curriculum for 2016/17.

For more information, including overviews for subject areas, download the full Nursery learning plans. There is also a link to our workshop on learning though play.

Nursery Autumn 2 Learning Plan

Nursery Spring 1 Learning Plan

Nursery Autumn 1 Learning Plan

Nursery Spring 2 Learning Plan

Learning Through Play Workshop

Term Titles and Big Books

Term Titles Example Big Books - see Learning Plan for full list
Autumn 1 Getting to Know You We're Going on a Bear Hunt, Mrs Wishy Washy, Meanies
Autumn 2 Celebrations Cinderella, Gingerbread Man, Jack and the Beanstalk, Goldilocks
Spring 1 Toys Introductions to Superheroes, Ben 10, Ninja Turtles, Frozen
Spring 2 Animals Dear Zoo, Harry and the Dinosaurs, Tiddler, Amazing Water
Summer 1 Mini Beasts Seeds Get Around, Growing Vegetable Soup, Whose Baby?
Summer 2 Travelling To Town, Senses, What Can You See, Nature Detectives

Personal, Social and Emotional Development

In Nursery we are focusing on developing your child’s confidence and self esteem. For some children this will be their first experience of separating from their main carer. Our main aim is for your child to be happy and confident in the time they spend apart from you. This provides them with good foundations for starting school.

  • Separate from main carer with support
  • Demonstrate friendly behaviour and play alongside others
  • To begin to form friendships with other children
  • To select and use activities and resources with help
  • To follow routines and adult expectations
  • To develop independence in toileting and dressing themselves
  • To learn to share and develop good manners

Communication and Language

  • To develop listening and attention skills
  • Listens one-to-one in small groups, when conversation interests them
  • Understands more complex sentences
  • Responds to simple instructions
  • Uses language as a powerful means of widening contacts and sharing feelings, experiences and thoughts
  • Beginning to use more complex sentences to link thoughts (for example, using ‘and’ or ‘because’)
  • Builds up vocabulary that reflects the breadth of their experiences


  • Sometimes gives meaning to marks as they draw and paint
  • Practise tracing name and reading name from name card
  • Begin mark making and and forming clearly identifiable letters
  • Begin to form some letters of their name correctly
  • Shows interest in print, knowing that information is relayed in this form
  • Introduce and join in with Jolly Phonics Phase 2
  • Mark, make or write identifiable letters in their writing in different contexts within the Nursery
  • Has some favourite stories, poems, rhymes, songs and jingles
  • Repeats words and phrases from familiar stories
  • Handles books carefully
  • Holds books the correct way up and turns pages
  • Listens to and joins in with stories/information one-to-one and in small groups


  • Uses some number names and number language in play
  • Recites numbers in order to 10
  • Begins to represent numbers using fingers, marks on paper or pictures
  • Sometimes matches numeral or quantity correctly
  • Notices simple shapes and patterns in pictures
  • Shows awareness of similarities of shapes in the environment