Key Stage 2

SRE Parent Workshop

Please find below the slides from our recent SRE (Sex and Relationship Education) Parent meetings that were led by Mrs Campbell our PSHE co-ordinator.SRE Parent Workshop


These resources are provided to help you support your child’s learning of English, reading and writing at school.

Grammar guide

Many parents were not taught grammar at school and therefore might not be confident with the topic. If you struggle with grammar, has produced a guide to the new national curriculum’s grammatical terms.

The purpose of this guide is to help explain some of the terms, which your son or daughter is expected to know as part of the new national curriculum.

KS2 Grammar Learning Guide

English workshops

Our English leaders deliver workshops to help you support on the English curriculum and how you can support your child with learning in English.

English Parents Workshop Y3 and Y4

KS2 Reading Parent Workshop


These resources are provided to help you support your child’s learning of maths at school.

Times tables guide

We have a useful guide to support your child learn their times tables. The guide includes the order in which times tables should be learned, methods, tips and tricks for learning times tables, language and times tables and how to master the times tables

KS2 Guide to Learning Times Tables

Parent's Math Workshop

Our maths leaders deliver workshops on the maths curriculum and how you can support your child with learning in maths.

KS2 Maths Workshop

Progression in calculation guidance

We produce guidance to support the teaching of calculations in school that you might find useful when helping your child with their maths home learning.

Progression in Calculation Guidance

Key maths topics

The following documents set out the key topics covered in each of our maths schemes. They also deliver information regarding our new online system, Mathletics.

Year 3 Maths Overview

Year 4 Maths Overview

Year 5 Maths Overview

Year 6 Maths Overview

Maths No Problem!

For maths teaching in school we use the ‘Maths No Problem!’ series of textbooks, developed in Singapore and aligned to the UK national curriculum. The focus of the series is on teaching by allowing enough time on a topic for a child to understand it thoroughly before moving on. Find out more about the teaching method at

Maths No Problem! has also produced a number of learning at home videos and guides to help support your child’s, and your, understanding of the maths concepts they are learning in school. Each video is presented by the Maths No Problem! founder, Dr Yeap Ban Har.

Bar Modelling

Concrete, Pictorial, Abstract


Number Bonds​​

End of Key Stage Assessments

At the end of a key stage the children are assessed.  These assessments take place in the Summer term of year 6 and are informally
referred to as ‘SATs’

The tests cover the three core subjects English, Mathematics and Science.

A presentation explaining the process is below;

Parents KS2 SATs Meeting