What is the Local Governing Board?

The Local Governing Board plays a key role in helping Cheam Park Farm Primary Academy provide the best possible education for all its pupils. It works strategically in the background, leaving day to day running of the school to the Headteacher and staff, and is accountable to parents and the wider community to ensure that standards are of the highest quality.

The Local Governing Board decides strategic policy for the school, monitors progress, sets budgets in liaison with the Education Funding Agency at the DfE and supports and advises those who carry out specific work. It is made up of a combination of appointed, elected and co-opted members. The composition of the Local Governing Board is set out in the LEO Trust’s Scheme of Delegation and consists of parents, staff and community governors.

The Local Governing Board does not take all decisions but delegates much of its responsibility to committees. At Cheam Park Farm Primary these are the Curriculum and Achievement Committee and the Resources Committees. Various panels deal with other issues, such as staff pay, pupil exclusions and admissions. Committees meet in a termly cycle, and report to the Full Local Governing Board meeting. Individual governors accept specific responsibilities, which sometimes involve representing the Local Governing Board on borough-wide organisations.

Governors usually serve a term of four years and provide their services in an unpaid capacity. The work requires commitment but is extremely rewarding. Membership is constantly changing through the expiry of terms of office and resignations forced by individual circumstances. We strongly encourage parents to consider putting their names forward for this worthwhile role. When a parent governor vacancy occurs, invitations to self-nominate are sent out with an election being held if there are more candidates than the number of vacancies.

The school buys into a training and support package for all governors (including advisors and clerks for Local Governing Board meetings). In addition, governors attend internal training sessions at the school and independent training through various organisations.