Physical Education

At the North Cheam Hub, we strive to develop a positive lifelong relationship between learners and their physical health. PE intends to show progression and provide children with the necessary skills they can use in any sport or activity they choose to engage with.

Our intent for PE is to provide children with opportunities to judge their own skills, take ownership of their learning and challenge themselves. Through our Real PE curriculum and our opportunities for pupils, we aim to develop resilience, a positive attitude to sport, confidence and independence that allow children to lead a healthy and active lifestyle, helping them to know how to keep physically and mentally healthy. Children are encouraged to have a positive attitude toward their physical learning and become resilient when faced with a challenge as well as praise their accomplishments. We strive to build confidence in our learners that give them the knowledge and cultural capital to carry through their journey. We aim to provide teachers with the confidence to teach PE at a high quality. Not only do we want our children to be physically competent but we want them to be able to develop an understanding of the importance of exercise and maintaining a healthy life whilst teaching children to recognise and describe how their bodies feel during exercise.

Examples of ways in which we will achieve this:

  • Participating in sporting festivals and competitions. 
  • 2 hours of physical education per week.
  • PE celebrations throughout the year (e.g. PE certificates in assemblies, Twitter and Facebook posts). 

At Brookfield and Cheam Park Farm, PE is taught twice a week. Some year groups have Sports Coaches teaching Merton SSP as one of these lessons and some year groups have swimming for one of these lessons. Without providing extra work for staff, lessons are carefully thought out and easy to follow in the form of a website platform. This platform allows staff access to a variety of resources that help develop their confidence to deliver high quality PE. Teachers are provided with training on how to use the platform to its fullest potential. This allows for children to be ambitious learners who are aware of their progress throughout a series of lessons and allow children to challenge themselves in a sufficient way. Teachers provide a well planned curriculum to develop their fundamental movement skills that can be transferred into a range of different activities and sports. Children develop their fundamental movement skills through learning about personal, social, cognitive and creative skills (Cogs). Teachers encourage children to talk positively about what went well in the lesson and what can be improved. At the start of each PE lesson teachers talk through the learning goals and recap skills from the previous lesson. 

Examples of ways in which we will achieve this:

  • Real PE and Merton SSP planning is used for all PE.
  • A wide variety of extra-curricular clubs are run before and after school.
  • PE awards that are handed out if children show one of the key PE values. 

PE at the North Cheam Hub enables pupils to develop detailed knowledge and understanding of movement in addition to learning the progression of skills across the curriculum. This creates an experience where children feel confident to use the core skills in a range of activities in life and in sports. As a result, children feel confident in a range of physical skills which are required for a healthy body and healthy mind. Through the use of the learning cogs in Real PE (Personal, Social, Creative, Cognitive, Physical, Health and Fitness), children also build positive relationships with themselves and others. 
Children are exposed to a range of experiences in physical activity outside of the classroom, through the variety of clubs on offer from teachers and sports coaches; sports festivals; matches and tournaments; trips and visits. These opportunities create a positive, supportive and competitive atmosphere of Physical Education and Sport at our schools, as all children are encouraged to strive and given opportunities in a range of ways. 
The celebration of Physical Education at Brookfield and Cheam Park Farm (through our displays, photos and rewards) also creates an inspiring environment, where children feel proud of themselves and each other for their achievements, whilst also raising the importance of PE at our schools. 

PE is taught using the resource of the Jasmine website, which has each lesson’s learning intention. These continue through a half term, therefore children’s learning is being recalled each week before the PE lesson. There are also opportunities to improve weekly, as there are different levels of Learning Objective, so children can aim for the level that is appropriate for them. The Physical skills that are taught in the lesson are repeated in a half term, so children are given the chance to recall this movement and aim to improve from the previous experience, building muscle memory and practice in this area. Each physical skill has challenges at various levels, therefore the children  are encouraged to be independent learners, to make their choices on how to challenge themselves and support others with challenges, which results in children achieving their best. 

The subject is monitored through the online Jasmine platform, which allows the subject leaders to track teacher and child logins. The subject leaders can monitor each class’ progress that they have made through the year. Each class teacher uploads their class assessment information onto the Assessment Wheel, which shows evidence of their progres. The Real PE site expands on the National Curriculum and ensures that a clear progression of skills is implemented and explicitly taught.

The sports premium funding provides evidence to our stakeholders, parents and governors on the use of government funding at our schools. It clearly shows why the funding was used, how it was spent and why we chose to spend this. It reflects our action plan for the year, showing how our intent has been achieved, but also the sustainability of our implementation and areas to improve for next year.