School Council

Molesey Drive (EYFS AND KS1)

School Council at the Molesey Drive site involves all Year 1 and Year 2 pupils. Each week one child from each class meet with the Senior Leadership Team to discuss issues that affect all the children in the school such as:

  • being a good friend
  • looking after our environment
  • keeping healthy
  • respecting each other

These themes are discussed in the classroom during PHSE before being brought to each meeting. Decisions made are then reported back to the class by their School Council representative so that all children can voice their opinions and ideas.

School councillors can also present their findings in assemblies to the rest of the school.

Throughout the year every child in Year 1 and Year 2 gets to experience taking part in the School Council.

Kingston Avenue (KS2)

The school councillors at our Kingston Avenue site meet regularly to talk about issues that have been raised in class and vote for suggestions to make the school a better place.

There are 14 councillors – one per class. Each class has a ‘have your say’ poster on which children write their concerns or ideas. Issues that have been raised in class are taken back to the meeting and discussed. Notes are made in every meeting and are fed back to the class Blog with all the latest news. The information is also sent to staff by email.

If someone is interested in being a councillor, they put their name forward. They then have to give a short speech on why they think they would be a good school councillor. The children in the class vote for the pupil they think will represent them the best.