The Parents Teachers and Friends Association (PTFA) extend a warm welcome to every parent or carer with a child at Cheam Park Farm Primary Academy.

Each year the PTFA elects officers to lead; we currently have two Chairs, a Secretary, Treasurer, and Donations Coordinator. All members of the PTFA are volunteers who give up their time to support the school at our fundraising events along with school staff.

The events the PTFA have organised include family discos, popcorn sales, cake sales, ice lolly sales and school fairs. Many ideas for the funding come directly from the children and all funds raised are used to purchase equipment for the children that is not funded by the Education Funding Authority.

PTFA expenditure is discussed and agreed at one of the PTFA meetings to ensure that each pound raised is carefully spent. Each half term there is a lively meeting that everyone is invited to attend. We always welcome new faces and new ideas and would love to see you.

We do of course understand that not everyone can attend meetings or help on a regular basis, but there are still many things that you can do, such as help with administration, wrap items for the fair or Christmas parties, run a stall at one of our fairs or source donations which can be used in raffles.

No support is too small so do come and join us. Please contact the school office for more information.