Pupil Voice Groups

Pupil Leadership Team 

Our Pupil Leadership Team is made up of a number of roles that children are nominated and have to interview for. These children are all from year 6.  

Chair - Runs the School Council meetings and are part of the LEO Pupil Parliament. 

Vice-Chair - Supports the Chair in the running of meetings and are also part of the LEO Pupil Parliament. 

Secretary - Takes the minutes of meetings. 

Treasurer - In charge of the budget and how this will be spent. Their role is to make sure that the spending is good value for money. 

Opportunities - Supports the vast number of opportunities available to children at Cheam Park Farm. 

Inclusion - Champions inclusion within our school. 

Wellbeing - Looks after the wellbeing of children at Cheam Park Farm. 

Curriculum - Supports the running of the curriculum at Cheam Park Farm. 

School Council 

One child from each class is selected to represent their class in the School Council meetings. The School Council is run by the Pupil Leadership team and they are responsible for making school based decisions that impact children.

Digital Leaders

Our digital leaders are responsible for the supporting the use of technology at Cheam Park Farm. They use their tech knowledge to support others and make sure everyone is comfortable using digital tools in the classroom. Our Digital Leaders visit The BETT show annually where they look at new technologies that the school or trust might invest in. Each class has their own digital leader and these are elected in September via a class vote. 

Eco Squad 

Our Eco Squad are responsible for ensuring that our school is more sustainable and eco-friendly.