Key Stage 1 & 2

We are committed to providing a broad, balanced, exciting and challenging curriculum that meets the needs of all our children. 

We recognise that all children have different strengths and abilities and that it is important that they are given the opportunity to achieve both academically and in the wider aspects of school life. All children approach challenges with confidence. Children develop a growth mindset so they can develop key life skills. It is supported by our school approach using the Excellent Learners approach and the Be the Best you can Be approach.  A growth mindset can support children to reach their full potential. Our aim is to develop children’s independence so they can have ownership of their own learning and so they are aware of what they need to do to achieve.

To help the children develop in our ever changing world we include mental well being in our timetables. We provide opportunities in PSHE lessons and when the opportunity occurs. Children develop strategies that can then be transferred when needed.

To help us achieve these aims and ambitions we develop a yearly overview plan for each year group. A summary of each year group’s learning plan can be found in the pages within this section, along with a link to download the full year plan.

Year 1 Curriculum Map

Year 2 Curriculum Map

Year 3 Curriculum Map

Year 4 Curriculum Map

Year 5 Curriculum Map

Year 6 Curriculum Map