Pupil Voice

Head and Deputy Head Boys and Girls

Six children are nominated by their Year 5 class teachers for the role. They are interviewed by the Headteacher and Deputy Headteachers and have to go through a three-stage process before successfully being selected as Head/Deputy Head Boy or Girl. Their duties include:

  • writing a fortnightly art, music and sports report for the Kingston Avenue site newsletter
  • counting team points and presenting the winners in assembly
  • acting as school ambassadors
  • conducting tours of the school for visitors
  • giving a termly merit assembly speech that summarises the term’s successes

Pupil Advocates

We have pupil advocates from Year 6 who are responsible for ensuring for monitoring lunchtime systems. Their duties include:

  • returning lost property items to children
  • monitoring the use of the toilets and corridors
  • helping out each class during wet plays
  • being a buddy in the playground
  • handing back mobile phones to children at the end of the day
  • helping the Reception, Year 1 and Year 2 children at lunchtime

In order to be appointed for this role, candidates have to apply by carefully completing an application form. Once short-listed, they are interviewed by one of our Deputy Headteachers. Each pupil advocate acts as a school ambassador, whilst always being well presented they ensure that exceptional levels of behaviour are modelled at all times.

Junior PTFA

Children are selected for the Junior PTFA by application, shortlisting and an interview by one of Deputy Headteachers and the Chair of the school PTFA. This group provide help at school PTFA events and help to decide what to raise money for and how raised funds should be spent. The Junior PTFA consists of one member from each class.

Eco Squad

The Eco Squad is made up of representatives from each class from Years 1 to 6. They are nominated through a class vote, after writing a manifesto and presenting to their class why they would like to be part of the Eco Squad.

We have received the Green Flag Award and are continuing to promote the eco values to the rest of the school. Projects the Eco Squad have worked as a team to promote include the ‘Switch It Off’ campaign, Walk to School Week and Car Free Zone Day.

We also promote Road Safety Week and working as a team to ensure all children are learning and understanding the benefits of keeping safe on the road.

PSHE Ambassadors

PSHE ambassadors are responsible for ensuring they are available to their peers who may be struggling out of the classroom for a variety of reasons. Some of their duties include supporting other children by providing inclusive games for all at break and lunch. They provide a listening ear to children who want to confide in them. PSHE ambassadors wear a lanyard at break and lunch so that they are visible 'buddies' for any year group to be able to approach them. They are in the process of creating a lunch time club run by the ambassadors for anyone who wants to drop in. 

Rights Respecting Champions

The Rights Respecting champions in KS2 meet to learn about the different rights and how they apply to the school, the children in this country and the rest of the world. We also talk about how to make changes in the school so that every child understands their rights and responsibilities. The children talk about actions that they can implement in the school and how they can influence the wider community. They also think about ways to involve parents in the rights process such as the rights certificates.